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Kids Pottery Machine - Educational Toys Kids Crafts

Kids Pottery Machine - Educational Toys Kids Crafts

Kids Pottery Machine - Educational Toys Kids Crafts

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 Create Your Lifelike Pottery!

CREATIVE and EDUCATIONAL PLAY - Naturally, children are extremely curious creatures, and as a result of their curiosity, they always feel the need to have a connection with the world around them. The kid's Pottery Machine toy gives your kids a chance to fully express themselves with their creativity and imaginations. They can make their own art pieces by using this user-friendly pottery tools, it helps kids to have a healthy life by doing art by himself/herself

SAFE FOR KIDS & QUALITY ASSURANCE - Pottery wheel contains synthetic clay that contains fewer bacteria and microbes than organic clay. Easy use for its Air-dry clay, don't need to be firing. A very funny way for your kid to play with clay, he can customize clay by using unique sculpting tools 

COMPLETE POTTERY STUDIO - Includes everything you need for a real pottery experience! Kit includes pottery wheel, 2 clays, 6 colors acrylic paint, palette, 2 paintbrushes, cutting the cord, 2 sculpting tools, illustrated instructions and idea Also it requires 2 batteries -not included

Best Toddler Gift - This pottery kit will teach and inspire! Kit includes illustrated instructions that teach different pottery techniques and the history behind the pottery craft This is the most exciting kit of the pottery wheels for kids of different ages. These kits bring them into the creative world. The product is not just a toy gift that can familiarize the child with the pottery. It is a real studio that may inspire and teach your child to create some interesting ceramic crafts, small figures, tableware, etc.-3


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