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Montessori Multiplication and Division Board

Montessori Multiplication and Division Board

Montessori Multiplication and Division Board

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 Learn Multiplication and Division using Montessori Boards and Beads!

These educational toys enable the child to visually identify the numbers and with the aid of the beads finally reach the correct solution. With this set multiplication and division will no longer be just a memorization task but rather a logical problem-solving exercise.  1

Educational and Fun go hand in hand: The Multiplication Board’s purpose is to help the child memorize the tables in a spontaneous and effortless way since learning them becomes natural as he plays with this material. The natural color board has 10 rows of 10 rounds in each row. The number printed on top is 1-10 (equivalent to the number of times multiplied, representing the multiplier). There is a slightly larger circle above the left end, with a red circle mark.

The Division Board consists of a wooden square panel with 81 holes in 9 horizontal and 9 vertical rows. On the left side of the board are written numbers 1 through 9 on a vertical line. At the top of the panel, you can see numbers 1 through 9 on a horizontal row encapsulated in green and right beneath each number around a hollow gap where the 9 green pins will be placed. 

Because both boards are color-coded (Multiplication in red and Division in green) the child can differentiate which operation is which and proceed accordingly. The wooden board and colorful beads and pins make the whole learning process more fun and easier to do so, too!4

Why buy this item: The purchase of these wooden toys is a great way to accompany your child’s education. The boards are the perfect gift to approach these math topics which are not easy. And what is best, the child has a blast multiplying and dividing with the colorful beads and pins in a natural way that makes learning a game. learningtool, montessori, Toy, Educational Products


  • Helps to understand and learn multiplication and division operation
  • Includes: 1 x Multiplication Board with 100 x Red Beads, 1 x Division Board with 81 x Green Beads, 10 x Number Tiles
  • Suitable from 3 years (includes small parts)
  • Size: 22.5x22.5x1.5cm (9x9x0.5in)
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