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See and Spelling Learning Game

See and Spelling Learning Game

See and Spelling Learning Game

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Teach Your Little One To Master Letters, Words, and Spelling With Absolute Ease!

Say goodbye to teaching difficulties and your little one's learning struggles!

The Picture Letter Spelling Game keeps your little one endlessly entertained all while they learn how to read, write, spell, and understand the concept of colors & numbers!

Designed with colorful pictures and letters of the alphabet, it allows children to match one another, which helps to develop their sight-reading vocabulary.

Encourage your child to learn the basics of reading & writing without the difficulties of having to get their attention!

Help improve your child’s life skills by introducing an educational yet amusing activity to do every day. Make learning time a fun, care-free game for your little one to enjoy on their own!


  • Encourages Letter Recognition & Sounds - As children continue to play the game, it helps them learn letters of the alphabet, objects, words, as well as read, write, and spell.

  • Boosts Interest In Learning - Completed with colorful pictures and letters, the matching game helps accelerate language learning and keeps your child amused!
  • Hassle-Free Teaching -  Offering fast, fun, and addictive entertainment, teach your little one the basics of reading & writing without any difficulty.


  • Screen-Free Activities - Providing a hands-on learning experience, reduce distractions from screens/electronics while maximizing fun!  

  • Safe For Children - Finished in non-toxic paint and smooth, rounded edges, the swallow-proof wood letters are harmless and safe for any child to play with. 


  • The best choice for birthday or Christmas: Sight word games are very suitable for kids 2-7 years old. It is a good preschool toy to help develop children's intelligence. Children can use them alone, with a friend, or as a family activity



  • Material: Paper board, Wood
  • Weight: 400g
  • Package Size: 21x25x4cm


  • 1pc x Word Box
  • 26pcs x Letters
  • 28pcs x Cards


Are these letter spelling games only suitable for preschool children??

Not exactly. These are great toys if you are trying to teach your kids learning letters and spelling. It comes with several different cards to help them see patterns and once they outgrow that they are able to just use these to help with spelling out other words.

What is included in these letter spelling games?

This fun letter spelling games contain, 28 flashcards (two-sided ), 52 wooden blocks (52 alphabets). Funny illustrations can attract your baby's attention,puzzle enlightenment and stimulate interest.

Is it magnetic material?

No, it is not magnetic. It is made of wood, safe, and non-toxic.

Is this material safe? What is it made of?

The toys are made by safe material, they are nontoxic and well crafted, it was tested by UONE, which is CPSC-accepted laboratory.

What words are on these cards?

Aa, apple, book, Bb, baby, van, Cc, conch, pea, Dd, duck, sofa, Ee, eagle, bus, Ff, fish, swan, Gg, grape, corn, Hh, hippo, car, Ii, ice, hen, Jj, judge, wolf, Kk, koala, pen, Ll, lemon, fox, Mm, mango, crow, Nn, nurse, girl, Oo, onion, ant, Pp, panda, bird, Qq, quail, aunt, Rr, ruler, pig, Ss, snail, crab, Tt, train, lamp, Uu, ufo, owl, Vv, vest, jeep, Ww, watch chef, Xx, xeme, boy, Yy, yak, taxi, Zz, zebra, pear, bed, ear, cow, eye, deer, nose, egg, hand.


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