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Creative Dinosaur Car - Pull Back Vehicle Toys 6pcs

Creative Dinosaur Car - Pull Back Vehicle Toys 6pcs

Creative Dinosaur Car - Pull Back Vehicle Toys 6pcs

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Creative Dinosaur Car: The design of the animal pull back car bases on the animal shape and its color, which is more attractive. Creative design of the appearance of dinosaurs will bring great fun to children.

Pull Back Dinosaur Cars: Pull back and go, easy play, and great for kids to learn more about dinosaurs through playing vehicles.

Mini, dinosaurcartoy, Fashion Accessory, Toy

Safe Animal Toys for Kids: Animal cars designed with durable non-toxic soft plastic. The outer casing and sharp corners are made of soft plastic to avoid stabbing the child. 

Convenient Storage: This mini dinosaur car is designed for children with small hands, which not only brings fun to children. Just need to pack it up in a box deliberately, it will not take up more space for you.

dinosaurs for toddlers 1-3

Gift for Kids: The combination of nicely making shape and coloring are great. It’s a wonderful birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any other celebrating gift for boys and girls or dinosaur lovers.

Mini Vehicles Toy: Made with durable non-toxic thick Plastic, durable and safe, measure approx 2.75 inch fit perfectly in little hands.

dinosaurcartoy, Toy, dinosaurtoy, Mini
How to Play: Just pull it back, don't need any battery, then release your hand, they will fly forward by themselves. It looks like a walking dinosaur. The speed of the car is not very fast. Protected child from wrestling. Cool design, new style dinosaur car will become party favors.

Product Details:

  • Made using high-quality ABS
  • Non-toxic & Environment-friendly
  • Damage-resistant build
  • Size - Approx 2.75 inch
  • No sharp corners
  • Pull Back Feature, don't need any battery to operate.
  • 1 Set of Creative Dinosaur Car (6pcs)
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