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Shut The Box - Math Learning Game

Shut The Box - Math Learning Game

Shut The Box - Math Learning Game

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Looking For Some Board Games To Combine Entertainment and Enlightenment?


Well, you need this Shut The Box - Math Learning GameThe 4-way dice game for kids serves the purpose! It can develop your kids’ logic and critical thinking, communicative ability, strategic mind, and socializing skill


  • SIMPLE & FUN - Great for Learning Number Operations, Perfect for kids and adults at home, parties, and outdoor activities, Players from five years old and up can enjoy the luck of the deal as well as exercising skills in math and reflection.

  • Excellent Teach Tool: Everyone can use the shut box game either for fun or for a professor's excellent tool for teaching basic additions, subtractions, multiplications, and/or divisions to the kids.

  • CUSTOME RULESEach board prints number clearly, each player owns 10pcs of board number from 1 to 10; roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match your roll. Also, you can make your own rules!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY -This shut the box is made of natural hardwood that is very smooth, delicate, no odor, and chemical composition. The bottom of the box is covered with a green soft felt surface

 Enjoy the luck of the deal as well as exercising skills in math and reflection. Get the Shut The Box - Math Learning Today!

Package Includes : 

  • FlipBlock Wooden Board Game x 1
  • Wooden Dice x 2


Is there an instruction on how to play the shut the box game?

Yes, the package includes the instructions to show how to play this shut the box game so that you can enjoy it quickly.

Can this shut the box game be played with three players?

Actually, it can also be played solo. You would just use one set of numbers. It is a great game.

Does everyone shut the numbers or just the player rolling? 

You can play it either way. So, you can take turns and watch each other play, listing each final score and comparing to decide the winner

What is the object of the game?

You roll the dice and close down the numbers. The object is to close them all. So if you rolled a 5 and 6 then you can close any number (s) that add up to 11. So 10 & 1, 9 & 2, 6 & 5. The person that has the least numbers (total) still upright is the winner. Good for cognition, adding and working on standing tolerance

Is this game good for multiplication & division?

Yes, it is. Our Shut The Box - Math Learning Game it’s a fantastic way for young kids to practice simple math



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